Weddings - Universal Prayer

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Option I

Priest: We have listened to the word of God. Let us now ask God to listen to us, To bless our words of prayer which we offer for the people of the world.
Reader: The response is “Lord, hear our prayer.”
For leaders of Church and state
for heads of institutions,
for heads of homes and households…
that they will lead us and guide us
in the search for God and the good life,
in the search for peace and joy,
in the search for love among us –
let us pray to the Lord.
For all married people:
for those who married yesterday,
for the new couple N. and N.,
married today,
for those who will marry tomorrow…
that they may savor
the joy of being together,
warm love, and children,
a long life, wine, and friends,
and a new day, every day—
let us pray to the Lord.
For all young single people
who look forward to a vocation
full of life and full of love—
let us pray to the Lord.
For the lonely old and the lonely
for the hungry rich
and the hungry poor,
for the sick in body, mind, and spirit,
for the weakness in all of us—
let us pray to the Lord.
For our relatives and friends
who walk with us on life’s journey
and for those who have gone before us
to the other side of life.
For the fulfillment of all their
unfulfilled desires—
let us pray to the Lord.
Priest: These are our words of prayer today for ourselves and all human beings. Tomorrow there will be others. Lord God the beloved of humankind who has first loved us, give our words by your listening the power of your word so that all things may be accomplished sweetly and gently for the happiness of all. Through Christ our Lord.

Option II
Priest: Now that we have heard God’s word in the Bible and experienced the Lord’s presence in this exchange of vows, let us present these prayerful petitions for people in the world today.
1. For our Holy Father on earth, the
Pope, all the bishops and the clergy
everywhere that they may lead us to
deeper faith in God and a stronger
love for others –
let us pray to the Lord.
2. For our president and all leaders of
government that they may be effective
in achieving peace and eliminating
poverty –
let us pray to the Lord.

3. For married persons that they may
continue to give, be able to forgive,
and find happiness deepen with the
passing of each day –
let us pray to the Lord

4. For N. and N., now beginning their
life together, that they may have divine
assistance at every moment,
the constant support of friends,
the rich blessing of children, a warm love
reaching out to others, and good
health until a ripe old age –
let us pray to the Lord.

5. For those who are sick, lonely,
discouraged, or oppressed that they may
be strengthened by God’s help and
aided by their friends –
let us pray to the Lord.

6. For those who have died, especially
the relatives and friends of N. and N.
and of all present for this wedding,
that they may enjoy perfect happiness
and total fulfillment in eternal life –
let us pray to the Lord.
Priest: O ever-living and caring God, Jesus
taught us to ask, to seek, and to knock.
We have just done so, confident that you will now look upon our
many needs, consider our trusting
faith, and in your great love grant
these requests which we present to
you through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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