Parish Registration


The letter you requested is basically a recommendation based on your work and service activities in the parish. We keep a record of every parishioner who participates in a parish activity or service.

When a person applies for an eligibility certificate, we go through their ministries and attendance at Mass. We follow attendance by use of envelopes that we record every week. They have your number on them. That is why we ask for you to give whatever you can. Electronic giving is also recorded.

Some people register at St. Paul Parish and are on file. However, that does not mean they are an active member of the parish, only registered. An active member connects by worship and church ministry.

When a person asks for a letter or recommendation at a place of work, it is based on their work ethic in the company, attendance, or community service outside it. If we do not have this information, we are unable to write a Letter of Eligibility and there is disappointment. We also remind parents who are seeking a godparent / sponsor for their child to ask only a Catholic who is activity involved in their parish and who would not have difficulty receiving such a recommendation from the parish.

If you are newly registering and need a Letter of Eligibility, you should contact the parish where you recently worshiped and was involved since they know your history. We would expect a parishioner to be registered at least six months at St. Paul Parish before making such a request.

I appreciate your understanding of the importance of the role of a godparent / sponsor in the sacramental life of the Church.


Rev. Paul W. Galetto

To register, please download and complete the attached registration form and return to the St. Paul Parish rectory or Email.
Parish Registration Form